Regional Quality Service

Regional Quality Services provides a variety of quality services to meet your specifications and your customer's requirements. The staff of Regional Quality Services has many years of experience in carrying out quality inspections to assist manufacturing suppliers, mainly for the automotive industry. Some of the services we offer are:
  • Attribute inspections. Visual evaluation of a component to certify that it has the quality characteristics required.
  • Variable inspections. Parts measured with gauges and certified to the specification limits of a design record.
  • Containment of defective material. Suspect material quarantined from good product to protect your customer.
  • Shipping damage assessment. OSD evaluation of product and repack of good material.
  • Quantity verification. Third party verification of B/L information.
  • Problem Solving. Evaluation of root cause for any non-conforming product.
  • Representation of products. Company representation at your customer for your products. Communication of any concerns in manufacturing, shipping, and quality issues of your product.
  • Rework. If defects can be repaired we will do the repair for you quickly and efficiently.
  • Inspections at our site or remote locations.
  • Regional Quality Services can intercept product before it gets to your customer and certify it for use.

Whatever you require in the quality arena Regional Quality Services has the staff, facility, and transportation available to accomplish the task. Contact us with your quality needs and we will provide a solution for you. From Buffalo NY Local Distribution to Buffalo NY Food Transportation, Regional Logistics Group is your source for Buffalo NY Shipping Services!